NOBEL® Service Supply as part of the NOBEL Corporations chose a royal sign as company logo, embracing our customer as our king, standing on his side to protect his interests by market driven process management, combining worldwide industry leading solutions to service our customers locally.


NOBEL® Service Supply, we are a highly specialized, sales service and supply company, unique in combining the services of manufacturers and distributors all in one.

Focused solely on the customers application requirements we are providing world leading application solutions without limitations.


“There are many ways to wire an electrical installation”


Based on our years of experience, we help our clients to select NEC compliant solutions that offer added value in the areas of application needs, product fulfillment cycles, installation time and implementation costs.

Our leading products are:

      Wires and Cables

      Cable Trays


      Cable Assemblies

      Automation Products

      Electrical Installation Products

Electrical Installations