In years of experience we built an EXPERTISE to find best electrical installation solutions for our customers.


  • our clients value us for the unconditional focus on providing the best technical, economical and ecological solutions.


  • the suppliers we work with, value us for providing new projects and business opportunities.



Our EXPERTISE at NOBEL ®Service Supply is based on a proven track record of business success with more than 20 years of experience in managing companies, customers and projects.


Making joint decisions with our clients and living them is one of our key principles. Practical analysis of application needs with clear conclusions giving our clients the answers and solutions they need to make critical business decisions with.


The world is our market place. Hence we provide best solutions for our customers needs by not limiting ourselves in the goods and services we offer.


Backed by multi cultural experiences and language skills we support with a global view the local execution.


We ask the hard questions in always putting the customer first, find or create the necessary solution to create value.


We partner with our clients and provide solutions to their most pressing challenges and opportunities.